11 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Small Garden

Sydney has a lot to offer but sometimes spacious backyards aren’t one of them. Not to worry, here are 11 ideas to help you get more from your small garden by our team of landscapers in Sydney.



  1. 1. Tiered Plants: Optimise your space with an attractive tiered garden planter. Not only do they add levels and depth to the garden, but they look amazing filled with a mixture of trailing vines and plants.
  2. 2. Vertical garden: Gardening vertically means you can take advantage of all the space available to you. They add texture and interest, make tending to your plants so much easier and they’re a great way to add more life to your small space.
  3. 3. Raised beds: A simple efficient way to garden that often provides extra space on the sides for planting. They’re also a unique focal point for your garden.
  4. 4. Hanging garden: No matter how small your garden is there’s always room for a hanging basket or two. Get creative with colour and placement in your garden and create a sense of place.
  5. 5. Create a focal point: Small gardens benefit from a focal point just as much as larger gardens. They add a sense of flow and purpose take attention off the size of the garden. Placement is everything so find your focal point (a cluster of vibrant plants, quirky planter, large rocks etc.) and see what works best for your garden.
  6. 6. Avoid clutter: The more elements your garden has, the smaller it will feel. Try built in seating, incorporate clean lines, avoid bulky furniture and keep plants under controls. Less is more.
  7. 7. Murphy Bar: If there’s no room for a fancy bar try installing a murphy bar outside! It’s functional, provides extra storage and looks great.
  8. 8. Herb Spiral: Plant your herbs in a spiral to fully utilise the space you have. It makes a great focal point too.
  9. 9. Modular Deck Tiles: If you don’t have enough space for a built in deck have no fear. Modular deck tiles look fantastic, won’t break the bank and are your perfect solution.
  10. 10. Trellises, Arches, Arbors and Pergolas: Adding structures to your garden means you can extend your outdoor living time. They are great for creating an intimate feel which takes your garden to the next level of feeling like an outdoor room. They also provide a sense of height and depth and are wonderful supports for additional greenery.
  11. 11. Get design help when you need it: Small spaces are often more difficult to design than larger ones. Dr Garden has a team of qualified experts to help you make the most of your space.

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