29 May 2024
Soil Quality in garden

How to Improve Soil Quality in Your Garden: A Comprehensive Guide

Healthy soil is the foundation for a thriving and blooming garden. It affects everything, from how easily you can dig to the yield of your plants. Poor soil quality can lead to numerous problems: hard-to-dig soil that erodes easily and plants that starve for nutrients and water. This may result in low-yielding, unattractive plants that die young.

23 Apr 2024

What is Xeriscaping? Everything You Need to Know

With the world becoming more ecologically conscious, people are looking for sustainable and eco-friendly choices for residential landscaping in Sydney. One such solution is xeriscaping. An alternative to traditional landscape construction in Sydney, xeriscaping is a landscaping approach that minimises water usage and promotes using drought-tolerant plants. 

30 Jan 2024
Height for Your Retaining Wall Project

Select the Ideal Height for Your Retaining Wall Project

In this blog post, you will learn more about the retaining wall, emphasise the importance of selecting the ideal height, explore the wall’s purpose, discuss height-influencing factors, highlight common mistakes to avoid, touch upon maintenance considerations, and shed light on construction costs.

22 Oct 2023
Landscaping Cost In Sydney

How Much Does Landscaping Cost In Sydney?

Let’s unravel this by exploring the various factors that influence landscaping costs in Sydney, the types of landscaping services, and where to find high-quality gardeners near you to make your landscaping process easier.

15 Jun 2023
pool landscaping ideas

Pool Landscaping Ideas

For residential landscape maintenance services, Dr. Garden is the best in the game and can ensure that your backyard is completely transformed into a paradise that you’ll love spending time in. 

02 May 2023
How Much Does Artificial Grass Costs

How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost in Australia?

Are you looking for trusted and reliable turf suppliers in Sydney? At Dr. Garden, we are known as the premier supplier of the best artificial grass in Australia. With an experience of over 30+ years in residential landscaping services, we offer the best market prices on artificial grass installation costs.

22 Feb 2023
Mistakes While Installing Turf

Avoid These Three Mistakes While Installing Turf

Are you looking for synthetic grass installation in Sydney? Replacing real grass with synthetic and artificial grass can be beneficial in reducing the amount of upkeep and effort required to keep your garden or turf clean. Starting your own new turf project can be exciting, but if the installation process is not executed properly, it can become very frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming to fix it.