Are you in two minds about having an artificial grass backyard at your home? Do you still feel undecided about choosing artificial grass over natural grass? As landscaping experts for over 30 years, we back the idea of installing artificial grass in Sydney homes.

Now, once you decide to go ahead with synthetic grass, the next question that comes to mind is how much is artificial grass priced. Maintaining a garden or a backyard is all about finding a balance between aesthetics and finances. The average cost for artificial grass in Australia ranges from $220 – $320 + GST per square meter, supplied, delivered, and installed. This can vary depending on access and site condition.

How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?

The final price for synthetic grass installation depends on multiple factors, such as the area and size of your garden, lawn, or backyard, the quality of the synthetic grass, and the charges for getting it installed professionally.

The turf prices for artificial grass may start from $50 onwards if you choose low to mid-range quality grass. But turf installation costs can go up to $300 for superior quality artificial grass, supplied delivered, and installed by professionals.

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Benefits of Having an Artificial Grass Backyard

The demand for artificial grass in Sydney continues to rise yearly. Try searching out results for “artificial grass installers near me,” and you will find several different companies offering turf cost per square meter for artificial grass prices.

But what has made artificial grass so popular? Why do many homeowners opt for synthetic grass turf over real grass?

Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of artificial grass.

#1 Low Maintenance:

Everyone loves having a sprawling green lawn in their backyard. But with real grass, you have the added responsibilities of mowing, watering, and fertilising the grass. Homeowners prefer artificial grass as they need minimum to low maintenance. There is no need for cutting, edging, or irrigating artificial grass. Your backyard remains green and luscious without much effort from your side.

#2 Save Money

The cost of artificial grass installation may seem expensive the first time, but in the long term, it will save you money. Homeowners can save on their maintenance charges and water bills. So, having synthetic grass at home helps save costs.

#3 Child and Pet-Friendly:

Synthetic grass is pesticide-free, so children and pets can play in the grass as much as they want without worrying about getting dirty or coming into contact with poisons. Artificial grass is completely safe for kids and pets to lie down on. Install artificial grass in your backyard and be worry-free.

#4 No Need for Harsh Fertilisers:

Turf suppliers in Sydney provide artificial grass that doesn’t need any toxic pesticides or fertilisers to be in good condition. Synthetic grass always looks fresh and green without much maintenance. There is no use of harmful fertilisers or toxic pesticides, thus, being environment-friendly and safe for your loved ones.

#5 Ideal for Australian Weather:

Australia is known for harsh summers. The temperatures can shoot up to extreme degrees, which causes real grass to dry up and start looking dull. Installing artificial grass in Sydney is the best decision to keep your backyard looking pretty under the Aussie sun.

One thing to remember is that not all artificial grass is of the same quality. So, if you want to enjoy the full benefits of an artificial lawn in your yard or for a balcony, we suggest you get quotes for turf prices from reputed landscaping companies like Dr. Garden.

What is the Price of a Turf for Artificial Grass in Australia?

The average turf installation cost for low to mid-range quality grass falls between $40 to $75. But the artificial grass installation cost can go up to $300 if you want superior quality grass, supplied, delivered, and installed by professionals.

The price for synthetic grass turf will vary depending on the homeowner’s needs and requirements. For example, the cost will differ based on whether you need shorter or larger piles, you’re access to the area, the condition of your area, and how much pre-installation preparation needs to be completed.

Some other factors influencing artificial turf cost are:

  • The material used: Artificial grass turfs may be made of polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, or a combination of either of these materials. The cost of artificial grass varies depending on the material used.
  • The colour of the grass: Lower-priced synthetic grass looks bright and vivid green, which gives an unrealistic look. The best artificial grass in Australia comes with blades in varying tones of green to give the grass a natural look.
  • The density of the grass: An artificial turf replicating the look of a lush and cosy lawn will need grass turfs with a higher density of grass blades. They naturally cost higher than turfs with low to medium density of the grass.
  • The shape of grass blades: Artificial grass comes in W-shape, U-shape, C-shape, and S-shape blades. Each of these grass blade shapes has pros and cons. The price of synthetic grass will vary depending on the shape of the blade.
  • The technology used: Lastly, the turf prices for artificial grass are determined by the technology the product is manufactured with. Does it come with innovative cooling technology? Is there heat protection? How long is the durability promise? All these factors play a role in artificial grass cost.

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How Much is Artificial Grass Installation Final Cost?

The final quote for artificial grass installation cost is decided on three basic parameters:

  1. The lawn size
  2. The quality of grass
  3. Pre-installation work required for the area
  4. The access to the property and area
  5. The delivery and installation charges
  6. Wastage

The Size of the Lawn

The size and area of your lawn, garden, or backyard space will decide how many metres of artificial grass piles will be needed for the installation. So basically, if you have a larger-sized lawn or garden, your final installation cost will also be higher. This is because artificial grass prices in Australia are calculated based on the cost of turf per square metre.

The Quality of Grass

As discussed above, artificial grass turfs can be classified based on different materials, colours, density, blade shapes, and technology. Turf suppliers in Sydney will charge you based on the quality of artificial grass you choose. So, opting for better quality grass will mean paying higher installation costs.

Pre-installation Work Needed on the Soil

Before laying down the synthetic grass pile, the soil area needs some preparation work, such as excavating, levelling, and removal of materials in some cases, like soil, real turf, pavers etc.

The Installation Charges 

While it is possible to install artificial grass piles in a DIY process, it is suggested to always go with professionals. They have the knowledge and expertise to lay down artificial grass turfs so perfectly that it looks as good as real. Depending on the company or vendor you choose, the charges will vary.

What is the Process for Laying Down Artificial Grass?

#1 Excavate and level the soil:

Before laying down the artificial turfs, you have to prepare the area. For this, you need to prepare the surface.  According to what the existing material is covering the area. Any debris, rocks, pebbles, soil, turf, or other materials must be removed from the earth. Make sure the surface is level and smooth.

#2 Prepare the base:

Artificial grass piles are laid down over a base of crushed rock and crusher dust. You can use a garden rake to spread the base over the lawn area. Typically, this crushed rock base must be 80-100 mm in depth.

#3 Compact the soil:

Once the base has spread, level and compact the soil properly. You can sprinkle some water and use a power compactor for compacting and levelling the soil with the best results. At this point, you should have a flat and hard surface.

#4 Roll out the grass piles:

Once your site is prepared, the next step is to lay down the artificial grass turfs. Roll out the grass piles and lay them down on the surface carefully. You can measure up the area beforehand and cut the piles in exact sizes to ensure the artificial grass perfectly fits within the edges. Use a sharp knife to give the edges a smooth finish. Also, ensure that the grass plies are laid out in the same direction to ensure an attractive final result.

#5 Nail the grass into place:

Once the artificial grass is successfully laid down, you need to secure the turf into its place. You can use pegs or flathead nails to hammer down into the ground at regular intervals. If you need to join two pieces of grass piles, consider using a combination of adhesive glue, binding tape, and pins. All this is necessary to ensure that foot traffic does not disturb and move the grass piles.

#6 Spread Sand on the Finished surface:

Upon installing the grass, pour some white sand over the artificial turf. Adding 10-15 kilograms of sand is recommended for every square metre. Spread the sand evenly using a broom or power brush and get a more solid feel as you walk barefoot on the artificial grass. It also helps with drainage and keeps the blades standing for a longer time.

When looking at the price for synthetic grass, it is crucial to consider the installation cost for it. While it is possible to do a DIY installation of artificial grass, hiring professional experts for the job is best recommended. Dr. Garden is one of the leading turf suppliers in Sydney, offering installation services for the best artificial grass in Australia.

Why Choose Dr. Garden for Artificial Grass Installation?

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