Your garden can be considered as a sacred place in your home; you’ve invested a considerable amount of time and love into this project, taking care of your plants and raising them. It would be difficult to see your effort wasted if anything were to compromise their well-being. In Australia, where the climate is extreme and unpredictable, it is natural for your garden to be compromised by these weather conditions, particularly flooding of any kind. 

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Flooding can be caused by different factors. For example, it is normal for water from nearby water bodies such as a river or a lake to escape their banks, caused by continuous rain that has persisted over several days. Similarly a water main or pipe burst can also create flooding in your backyard space, leading to damaging your plants and the time you have invested in them.

Luckily, the outlined events above are extreme cases of flooding. Milder conditions such as continuous rain does not pose a threat to your garden, but that does not mean that we should disregard small drainage issues. If small draining problems in your household, particularly around your garden persist, it is essential that you investigate these issues with urgency. To avoid any confusion or overlook any possible threats, we recommend that you hire services that perform landscape maintenance in Sydney.

Mentioned below are problems that can be caused by poor drainage systems

  • Flooding:

    As discussed above, flooding can pose significant risks to your garden.The worst part is that flooding can not just kill your living and growing plants but can also damage your property’s foundation if the water accumulates for too long. 

  • Standing Water:

    Standing water can spoil your fruits, plants and  vegetables by drowning them, therefore making  your property’s ground very slippery. This water can also promote growth of bacteria, mold, fungus, molasses and more.

  • Soil Erosion:

    Poorly implemented drainage structures can disrupt the standing of soils and its structure. It can shift the sand from one place to another, creating a difference in the structure of sand and disrupting its importance for landscape design in context with sand depth.

How can you resolve these issues

  • Lawn Aeration:

    This is the easiest way to drain any standing water in your lawn or backyard. You can create small holes for water to drain through and leave the lawn alone. This also promotes air and nutrients flowing into the roots of your garden. 

  • Rain Barrels:

    Rain barrels can simply be placed at certain locations to collect excess water. 

  • Drainage Pipe:

    Adding a simple pipe structure to your lawn drainage system can ensure that all the excess water gets away.

  • Porous Materials:

    Instead of materials like concrete that don’t let water escape, use porous materials like gravel so that water can easily escape.

Now that you’re aware of what precautions to take when looking after the wellbeing of your garden, we are here to provide you with helpful services. If you’re looking for residential landscaping near me, reach out to us at Dr.Garden, the best landscapers in Sydney. Call us at 1300 374 273 or email us at [email protected] for how we can help you create longevity for your garden.