Coming back home from a long tiring day deserves a much-needed unwinding session. One of the best ways to alleviate your daily stress is being close to nature and spending an ample amount of time in your garden area. Apart from helping you clear your mind; the garden area serves as an excellent focal point in your property and manages to elevate the visual appearance of the entire outdoor area. To ensure the outdoor area remains aesthetically appealing, it is imperative to keep updating the landscape and follow the ongoing trends. Most landscapers in Sydney would recommend you consider the current landscaping trends to make your garden unique and visually appealing.

Today we have highlighted the top 5 unique and booming landscaping trends that every residential property owner should try this year.

1. Create Outdoor Living Spaces

Australia experiences sunshine almost throughout the year. Most homeowners take advantage of this opportunity to host BBQ parties for their family and friends or simply consider sunbathing. Consequently, most are creating outdoor living spaces in their homes. Considering this cool and unique trend allows you to experience the beauty of nature in your yard to enjoy the time. Although outdoor living spaces are most commonly seen in luxurious houses, this trend is also a must-try in every residential home. With outdoor living space, you can host multiple get-togethers or parties for visitors and family. You can consider creating an outdoor area with several authentic materials, making it an ideal place for you and your guests to engage. Most homeowners are also investing in creating an outdoor kitchen to offer a more luxurious and elevated look to their landscape area.

2. Consider Low Maintenance Lawns

Homeowners who want to create an ideal garden space without spending much time on upkeep can consider investing in low maintenance laws. Often moving the lawn can be tiresome and time-consuming. Consequently, homeowners don’t wish to invest in a garden space. Low maintenance lawn allows homeowners to spend more time admiring the beautiful garden space rather than mowing the lawn. In Sydney, landscaping projects often involve using artificial grass as a replacement for actual grassland. Artificial grass doesn’t require water or fertiliser to remain fresh and can last for ten years. Additionally, you don’t have to waste your time mowing the grass or removing weeds.

3. Creating a Vertical Garden

The trend of creating vertical gardens is becoming more popular among individuals living in smaller homes or apartment spaces. Many homeowners consider creating a vertical garden to add a unique touch to their property and make the most of the available space. Vertical gardening allows you to use the wall space of your property effectively and create a beautiful garden area. Besides, this unique trend can also make your unpleasant-looking wall more beautiful and appealing.

4. Add Lighting Element

One of the coolest and most cost-effective landscaping trends – adding LED lights in your backyard. LED lights offer a unique and contemporary feel to the outdoor area. You can consider placing LED lights under the stairs, benches, bridges, and highlighting planting, garden beds, and trees. Homeowners should also add this lightning feature under the seating areas in your outdoors. Adding LED lights in your backyard will make the area aesthetically appealing and cosy.

5. Create a Garden on the Balcony

Balcony gardens are perfect for those living in apartments who want a unique outdoor area. Creating a garden on the balcony allows you to experience nature closely and makes it an ideal unwinding place in your home.

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